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Who We Are

We are a group that is uniquely qualified to assist you in your home care needs.  Our passion to start this venture is based on our past experiences with these sort of scenarios.  These experiences are based on years of experience in health care administration and consulting.  We truly believe that there is an easier way and we have dedicated our efforts to making sure that other people have better experiences.  We all feel comfortable in our own homes and making the decision to stay there should not be cumbersome.  As residents of Bergen County we feel that it is our obligation to share our knowledge and experience and take care of the people that are right next door.  We are for our neighbors because we are your neighbors.

Women and Caregiver

What We Do

  • We will evaluate your individual situation
  • Design a custom care plan to address your needs
  • Recommend Candidates that we have thoroughly screened
  • Manage and evaluate your  situation until you feel you or your loved one is safe and comfortable at home

 Our Goal

Our goal is to provide qualified individuals capable of assisting our clients with daily living activities.  We offer a personalized top quality service that evaluates your needs and finds the best care givers with the necessary qualifications and skills to match your needs.